Our victory is directly attributable to our employees. We are consciously growing. To facilitate our expansion program, Leela's Public School is looking for top quality, dynamic, talented professionals at various levels. We offer outstanding challenges and career prospects. Leela's Public School is the finest option to commence your career path. We adopt Graduates, Post Graduates and Diploma Holders with high end track record as trainees. We have effective tools, training schedules and mentors to set you in the right direction.

We also got the projects to keep you motivated and budding as your skills sharpen. Our employee selection decisions are based on merit, pragmatic knowledge and abilities. Leela's Public School does not discriminate opportunities on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender and age.

At Leela's Public School every moment of the work will be alive with you. We heed for your holistic development and enable you to grow with our business. We offer you freedom of expression, where every best performance will gain appreciation and recognition. At Leela's Public School the top brass of the organization will step down to you, encourage you, assisting in honing your skills and to make you even better. Individuals from multifaceted cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds represent Leela's Public School but what unites us is our single minded focus on continuous improvement.