Science Laboratories

Well-equipped laboratories for chemistry, physics and biology, provide the students a space to carry out practical in group as well as individually, Exposing the learners to varied methods for putting the theoretical knowledge to practice, these labs help create a much desired scientific temper in the students.

Mathematics Laboratory

Mathematics is the language of the universe and is a major component of student life. The mathematics laboratory is fitted with state-of-the art furniture, up-to-date apparatus/equipments, sufficient in quantity for every child to play and experiment with individually, learners get the opportunity to discuss, engage and solve mathematical problems in our forums that is completely voluntary.

Computer Laboratory

The school's computer and communication network provides state-of-the art computing facilities and broadband internet connectivity. A part from full - fledged computer lab, the learning centre also has computing facility to assist students in projects and research assignments.


The spacious LPS library, with more than 3000 books on diverse subjects is a storehouse of knowledge. Students are encouraged to cultivate reading habit from a young age and taught to use the space as a centre for learning. Library is a gateway for students to quell their curiosities and get answers to all their queries. The library also has an electronic (Audio and video CD) section, which makes the process of learning a lot more exciting & interesting. Our library facilitates students to fine-tune their research & critical thinking skills, bibliographic instruction & discussion. Our open access system helps students to choose book according to their interest. The multimedia room and internet zone etc help students to keep themselves up to date with today's world.

Medical Centre

Manned by qualified nurse, the medical centre maintains high standards of hygiene and care to ensure the health and safety of students. The modern and child friendly centre is open throughout the day to attend to the students as and when required. Students health records are well documented and maintained at medical centre for ready reference. Besides the routine health check-ups, the medical centre also holds annual activities like dental and eye check-up camps.


Has well-qualified and experienced counselor for enhancing the psychological well being of the learners which is psycho dynamic, person centered and narrative.

The Parent Community

The school takes up an all encompassing approach for a child's development. To achieve this we forge a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with the parents and who is kept in the loop about the progress of his ward. Also included in the scheme of things are the guardians and care givers of the child, so that the child does not feel isolated and grows with the comfort of knowing that all those who care are at all times with him. At parent meeting held at regular intervals, we discuss the progress of the child and the areas that need to be further improved. The almanac is an invaluable link between home and school. Parents are kept up to date with information through our interactive website and newsletters. Parental focus groups provide invaluable support and feedback on a variety of school issues, including the development of policies.

Co-curricular Activities

In an earnest effort to ensure the all round development of student's personality, an array of activities is organized throughout the year which provide a sound platform to the child to further hone his skills. Leela's Public School is a well known name on innumerable National level competitive platforms where its students have won laurels. we encourage the student to take part in various competitions like cyber Olympiad, digital painting science & mathematics Olympiads, Arts, sports and cultural programmes. they are groomed well in the school and properly prepared to participate and win in addition to this, being a part of LPS fraternity, children get ample exposure and opportunities through inter LPS competitions like sports, performing arts, literary and creative activities which helps for personality development.With robust strokes of the brush the child learns of to express himself in the art room. Clay modelling, painting, drawing and craft activities which attract students of all age to this class. An eager for music is developed in the young students at the music room which is equipped with a wide range of modern and traditional musical instruments. The children get a taste of classical as well as a western classical during their music lessons. The dance room is fitted with large mirrors to enable the students to view themselves while practicing new steps with finesse. This learning facility provides excellent opportunity to the student to explore creativity and at the same time also rejuvenate his mind.

Community Service

LPS, through its community service is dawning realization of human values to the greater understanding of humanity, fragility and a greater appreciation of the great lives with the motto encompassing the theme 'Service Before Self'.


At Leela's Public School we attach a significant value to sports activities as we believe that agile mind and a sturdy physique is an outcome of indulgence in sports. Besides, sports help in building a healthy team spirit. Team sports prepares a child to the method of performing in a group and for individual sports the school grooms and trains a student to learn and participate. Splendid sporting facilities abound which include tennis and basketball courts, a jogging track, a health club, and facilities for indoor games as well as outdoor sports such as football, cricket, badminton, table tennis and handball. There is a provision for sports activities for students of all age groups. We have the best of coaches to teach the students the various rules, skills and techniques required for mastering various games. The students are helped in acquiring the art of competing with the opposition with skill and good sportsmanship.

Transport Facility

The school has a fleet of comfortable and safe School Buses and LMVs, to commute students to and from their residence.

Beyond the classroom

The exciting mix of the academic with the co-curricular offers the students a wide mix of learning opportunities. He is free to select the areas of his interest with the confidence that the school would be providing all the right platforms him to excel in this these. These activities get a further impetus by luminaries who regularly visit the institution to push the frontiers of thought.

Students Council

A school forms the bedrock of all future activities that a child undertakes on the social platforms in his grown up years. Student council at LPS thus creates this urge to lead and learn the administrative nuances in children at a young age itself. The members of this council are encouraged to participate in the formulation and implementation of school's policies.


For a robust development of the child which contains within a spirit of adventure and vigour, the school organizes holiday vocational camps during vacations. Environmental educational programmes ensure that the child gets suitable exposure to the outdoors which teach him to be sensitive towards his environment. Such activities also help create self reliance and the social quotient of the child and makes him aware of his country's rich heritage.

House System

There are four headed by seasoned house in-charges. It is through competition held between these houses that a LPS student gets his first lesson in excellence. Regular Saturday co-curricular activities and inter house competitions keep the children engaged throughout the week and compulsory participation in these not only boosts their confidence and morale but also grooms their personality.

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