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Why Us??

Leela’s Public School, an initiative of Leela’s Foundation for Education & Health is one of India’s leading chain of schools indulge deeply in the field of education with a motto of “ Shaping Childhood with Better Learning for Futuristic Tomorrow”. Leela’s Group of School operates in 9+ states across India and has become a Pioneer brand in Academic Education, Vocational Education & Skill Development since 2011.


Leela’s Foundation for Education & Health, offers an excellent range of programs across industry sectors, these include: Healthcare & Life Science, Construction, Education & Skill Development Services, Beauty & Wellness, Management & Entrepreneurship, Banking & Finance.

  • To see child growth academically, spiritually & emotionally balanced
  • Develop a Positive Attitude towards Learning
  • Environment to nurture all while learning in enjoyable ecosystem
  • Get a Sound Foundation for a Excellent Future
  • Develop Good Communication Skills
Our USP’s
  • Trusted name in Academic Education & Skill Development
  • PAN India availability: 8+ State Presence with 200+ Branch across India
  • Academic Programme: CBSE Approved Module of Teaching resulting in improved quality and standard of education
  • SMART Classes with Audio Visual Aid method of Teaching
  • Psychometric Testing: To evaluate the core strengths and spot the weaknesses using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Security & Safety: To ensure safety of children and fleet management in real-time, and provide parents with constant updates of their children's whereabouts
  • Printed study books, online classroom learning & e-learning
  • Seminars and Workshops by eminent & accomplished personalities
  • Online Assessment Module: To enhance and prepare the students to approach competitive world with modern assessments modules
  • Sports centric Infrastructure: For improving the talents of students while playing a crucial role in achieving excellence in global arena of Sports.